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David J Jacobson

Video Producer

Since 1989

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I really love movies. I love everything about them. When my sons were in school I would show-up in the middle of the week under the guise of taking them to a doctor's appointment. Once in the car I would explain to them the real reason was to see Indiana Jones or Back To The Future or... It's magical how easily it is to get pulled into a story about a person, organization, cause etc. Telling a story with words and pictures allows the viewer to truly understand, enjoy, comprehend... 'get it'!

That's what I do. I tell a story using words and pictures and I love every project I'm a part of. If not, I wouldn't get involved.

If you have a project or just an idea and want others to understand why it's so important or why you're so passionate about it, call me and let's talk...I get it.

David J. Jacobson


My son Ben & me having fun...

Winner 'Best Music Video' 2012 Paonia Film Festival
2012 Paonia Film Festival Nominee
2012 Paonia Film Festival Nominee
'Best Music Video Award' 2012 Paonia Film Festival
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ipsah.com was created for those who want to DIY video record, but don't want to DIY edit!

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